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We've been styling ladies, its only fair to give men a few classes on styling. Considering the fact that some of them care less about how they look (especially our Naija guys), they feel since they are guys, its fine to just take their bath,{If they have time to lol ;)}, wear anything that comes to hand and get going.... hmmm.
My people have a say: "who dey look me? na him make bush person waka naked enter market"
Most guys have the opinion that no one cares (or should care) about their fashion sense or lack of it, some feel they are not out to impress anybody, so its cool to 'dress as they like' and some feel like they don't have enough money to look good so they don't try to, while some have the money but try too hard and end up looking awful! lets correct a few myths, shall we?

Oops.. too many colours.

1) Should men look good? dress well? YES PLEASE!
Should they care who's looking? yes and no. If you on red carpet, obviously most people will stare, so please care and dress appropriately.If its to work, your boss will notice, your workmates too, but please appropriately dress to work, not too tight, not too loose (we'll get into more details soon ). To church or mosque: you have no excuse not to look good... don't give God what you wont give your boss/ the red carpet. To club... you surely don't need an advice on that ;) If you are your own boss; always look the part. Dress the way you want to be addressed. To hang out with friends... that where you don't need to impress, not saying you shouldn't look good  but there's no pressure here ;)

                                           Friday casual/date casual/church cool e.t.c.

2) The 'who dey look me syndrome'. this is a mindset you have to kick out totally. Deep down you know you should always try to look your best regardless of your budget/destination and even if you didn't know (read No. 1 again) Now you know people are watching.Most parents worry if your hair is unkempt, most lecturers will scold when a student dresses like a tout to class (ragged jeans/bathroom slippers),  most bosses will either scold you or feel reluctant to credit or positively appraise if your shirts are always rumpled, most girls will look the other way when you say, hi ( then you will start grumbling with friends about how girls don't answer guys without cars.) Bloggers and presenters like us will frustrate you when you're on the red carpet looking shabby. So, why be the punchline of people's jokes? the object of so much ridicule? If you fall into this category, make a decision to do better.

No comment

3) Does looking good equal to being rich? NO. A stylish man would know that. This statement is usually made by men with conservative upbringing. you have to change this attitude/mindset to look good. You don't have to wear designers to look stylish ;)

                                                     It's not so expensive to look great ;)

4) Its a 'girl thing' to be concerned with the colours of what you are putting on as a man. Say what? 'bush man' alert ;) You have to notice the colours, play around with them,. just not too many ;) two or 3 max and you're good to go. anymore and u'll look like a clown.

perfect colour schemes here

5) Your clothes have to be 'fitted' to be cool. hmm. there's a thin line between wearing fitted (smart)        clothes and wearing tight clothes.  Your buttons should for no reason burst out, your shirt sleeves shouldn't be too tight its not stylish,not cool.
Why na?

To whom it may concern ;) lol. 

With these few points of mine, I hope I've been able to convince and not to confuse you that even        men should care about their clothing/outfits. Stay tuned for the next episode.                                        

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