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5 things that define the kind of life you live.

Everyone has his/her definition of what life is to them. Different strokes for different folks they say. Just like the computer, life works on the garbage in, garbage out principle, that is, the measure of your input determines your output. Though there are instances where grace (or luck, depending on how you view it) supersedes but the fact still remains that faith without work is dead.

Listed below are 5 things I believe determines the kind of life we individually live.

1. Time. 

Mike Okri will tell you that time is money which is an absolute truth. The way we use and manage our time defines how productive and efficient we are, which in turn affects the life we live.

2. Work.
Some might wonder why 'hard' isn't before work in the heading. So many people work not just hard but very hard and are yet to yield anything tangible. It's not enough to work hard, smartness coupled with hard work gives you that leverage over others who don't posses it. 

Now don't get me wrong, when I say smart, I don't mean anything illegal. So many youth venture into several illegal businesses and claim that they are being smart. Quite a number of them have ended up in jail for being 'smart'. My definition of working smart is this - doing hard work in a smart way, hereby saving you time and stress.
Are you a hard worker or a smart hard worker? I'll suggest you cling to the latter.

3. Taste/Spending Habit. 

Maybe not everyone but most people crave for the latest cars, phones, fashion outfits etc. Women are mostly victims of these. Frugal spending results in debts and the best solution is living within your means, not out of it. It's disheartening to see market women, who with their business knowledge should understand that accumulated debt is hazardous to their finances, still, they purchase ceremonial attires on loans. Your taste determines your savings and tells a lot on the kind of life you live.

 If Mark Zuckerberg, one of the richest men in the world can stick to a grey shirt for most of his outings, how much more majority of us who live below a dollar per day.

4. Planning/Strategy

Just as buildings and roads require plans to aid in construction and businesses require strategies to boom, human beings who are the driving forces in theses areas also need personal plans and strategies. It is how disciplined you are in setting up and adhering strictly to personal life plans that will translate into the kind plans you make for other areas.

5 The God factor.

Historians will tell you that Man believes in one thing or the other. Even atheists, they believe in themselves, in what they can do. Which ever God or god we have chosen to believe in, He/it should be our driving force, at the centre of all our life endeavours, it is only when we pay homage and give that respect that life truly can well defined. However, there is a God and there are gods.
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