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Now we know that we should care, lets learn some dos and don'ts of male fashion.

Rule Number One: Fitness is key. Yes, whatever you are wearing, regardless of the occasion has to fit. Many men (who don't care about fashion) wear their shirts a size too large, some are afraid to ask for their exact size of trousers, some wear a size too small and feel its 'dope'. A stylish man has to leave room for breathing and still look good.

Rule Number Two: Learn to ignore trends or you'll end up with a wardrobe full of clothes you don't wear. times and trends change fast but some clothes never go outdated. You should get to an age where you have to drop the 'student style' (polos,skinny jeans,e.t.c) and start dressing to look more matured.

Rule Number Three: Keep it simple guys. I said in the previous post, keep it to three colours max. Too much jewelry is an eyesore unless you are Elvis/ M.J.  Use 2/3 pieces max too; a watch and a necklace is enough. Chill on all the rings.

Rule Number Four: Casual doesn't have to be boring!!! once men hear 'casual' you see jeans and polos... chai!

          Perfect for date/movie night ;)

Rule Number Five: Every stylish man should own a GOOD SUIT, blue, white, black shirts, dark fitted jeans  (not ripped,ragged,faded,tight,skinny) but fitted dark coloured jean #compulsory. The others are optional ;) Well cut,well styled cotton trousers are on point too.

Rule Number Six: Own good shoes. I repeat; own good shoes. There's a time and place for 'palms' and sandals but please, own shoes of good repute for a matured/stylish look.

Rule Number Seven: Pay attention to details. A big sweater does not go with a well tailored suit pant. you either wear it with jeans for a totally casual look or wear it with a blazer to pump up the look a bit. A scarf, necklace, jacket, muffler, face cap, changes or adds definition to your dressing to make it more casual/business-like.

Rule Number Eight: Take a few risks ;) no one will bite you, just don't over do it.

Some men are literally afraid to wear a suit that isn't black or blue.... loosen up a bit guys ;)

Rule Number Nine: Watch your underwear. Seriously guys... this is important. you are as clean/fresh as your under wear.

Rule Number Ten: Own at least a pair of your native wear. Haba! how do you know a correct naija man on fridays/sundays if all he owns are shirts and suits? you hear Nigerian men say; "i don't wear natives" really? cover ya face ;p   You'll look majestic in it no matter your tribe! Now who doesn't want to look royal?

Rule Number Eleven: Try not to go shopping alone. I knowww... i know.... its not easy... (your egos and all..) to step down from your 'high chair' and ask someone to go shopping with you, but it helps to have someone whose opinions you can trust (not the shop attendant/store keeper, they'll say anything to make sales) A good friend whose style you admire,a girlfriend,a sister..... it helps ;)

                                                                 Try this;

                                                              To avoid this ;)

HINT:  Two GOOD heads are better than one, and in case you haven't noticed; when you look good, you feel good.
With these 'few' pionts of mine, i'll like to take a break and get back to the ladies ;) stay tuned guys, see you soon.
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