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MEN IN SUITS 2 (The accessories)

1. THE CUFF LINKS: These are decorative studs that replaced buttons on the sleeves of a shirt. If you buy a shirt with link-holes, you have to get cuff-links. The brand/design is left to you.

Power button cuffs.....like i said the style is up to you.

2. THE BOUTONNIERES: Simply known as a flower pinned to the left lapel of a man's suit jacket (sport or blazer jacket too). Most men only wear them to weddings or red carpets but this pocket flower can actually be worn any where a suit is worn to by a man who wants to stand out from a crowd. 


3.THE POCKET SQUARES: They are a small piece of cloth placed in the left breast pocket to compliment the shirt and the tie but not necessarily match them. They should be small enough to fold and not create a bulk and there are different classic ways to fold them.

4. THE BOW TIE: This one small item, identifies a gentleman. It could be bought pre-tied (very popular with Naija men) or you  might have to learn how to tie one which is called the self-tied and there's the clip-on that's just attached to the collar. All of them give this outlook of a confident man when properly worn.

Now you know their names.

Try it!

5. THE STRAIGHT TIE: The most popular tie rocked by men right from boyhood. It is also the one men popularly know how to 'tie'. The colour has to be carefully picked so as not to ruin the look. The tie knots have different names: FOUR-IN-HAND-KNOT, WINDSOR KNOT, HALF-WINDSOR KNOT, THE PRATT KNOT/SHELBY KNOT.  The windsor is the most popular but
I'd suggest you break out and find more styles.

Spot the difference!
 6. THE TIE CLIP is an accessory that lights up your outfit, (sometimes, men skip the necktie completely) It should be placed between the 3rd and 4th button of the shirt, it clips the tie to the shirt and it shouldn't be wider than the shirt.
Tie clips or bars.

He chose to replace the tie with neckpeices

Hint: However you choose to wear your suit, stay comfortable. Avoid too-tight ties, shirts or trouser. They don't look good and they certainly wont make you feel good.

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