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Honesty: Fashioned Out?

Everyone knows of the saying - "Honesty is the best policy". Even the regular 'Agberos' on our streets remember it from their primary school days, talk-less of well brought up individuals who hear it almost on a regular basis.

What shocks me most is that the so called learned people who should know better, find it easy to shun this adage and shove it under the carpet. Everyone is out to better their lives, enrich their pockets and please their fleshly desires, no one cares if its to the detriment of another person.

My Experience
Over the weekend I was faced with a true test of honesty and I must say that coming out clean was by the whiskers.

Mrs X (a close relative) entrusted some amount of money with me to deliver to Mr Y (another relative). In the course of delivery I found out that the amount stated wasn't the amount received. Apparently, this wasn't the first time this would happen. There had been other instances where Mrs X would send money through me and the cash would be incomplete.

You must be wondering why a bank transfer couldn't have been made, as the world has gone digital, but you'll agree with me that even the network in Nigeria can be 'dishonest' at times.

Back to the incident. On noticing that the money wasn't complete, I felt really bad, the worst then happened when Mrs X claimed the amount given was complete - "I'm a thief now, right? No wahala. There is God." I consoled myself.

The rest of my Saturday was hell, I just couldn't come to the understanding of being called a thief. Well, I really wouldn't blame Mrs X. If I had counted the money when I received it, I wouldn't be in this mess. But come to think of it, why would I doubt a trusted relative. I believe Trust and Honesty are one of the key ingredients that constitute a community.

Later that evening I met again with Mrs X, this time I was eager to see her reaction, if indeed a facial accusation would be made. But to my surprise, she was calm, and didn't seem to have had an issue with me earlier. It wasn't until later that evening I got to know from her husband that the missing money had been found right in Mrs X's bag, after he had vouched that i couldn't have stolen her money.

The Message
1. The world has become so unsafe because there is a lack of Trust and Honesty amidst people. The Family itself should be the incubator for these vital life factors but most families aren't helping matters and the few who actually want to stand for whats right mostly in the end get derailed. Yes, the country's situation isn't helping but that shouldn't make us compromise. 

2. Never jump into conclusions. be very sure and accurate with your findings before you draw a conclusion. Its so easy to damage an individuals reputation with an accusation, but the real damage then becomes yours when in the end its found to be false.

3. Be observant. Like I said earlier if had counted the money, I wouldn't have been in that mess. Anyone can make a mistake, its your duty to make sure that persons mistake doesn't smear your clean image.

4. Keep doing good, remain honest. Your good works will speak for you. Mine did and that was my saving grace.

5. Honesty might not be in vogue but it definitely hasn't fashioned out. Its still one of the best policies.
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