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Heaven On Earth - Obudu Mountain Resort

Obudu Mountain Resort is one plane of paradise brought down to earth for the purpose of rendering unto men that which they once enjoyed when Eden’s gate was yet open and free.

Enthroned at the mountain top, Obudu Mountain Resort is unarguably one of the finest and most magnificent tourist centres in the world. The resort is one haven where beauty and wonder reigns supreme!

Where is Obudu Mountain Resort?

Formerly known as Obudu Cattle Ranch, Obudu Mountain Resort is a tourist attraction centre located in Obanliku Local Government Area of the Northern part of Cross River State, Nigeria – close to Cameroon border.

When was Obudu Mountain Resort Developed?

Obudu Mountain Resort was first developed by Mr. McCaughley (a Scottish), Mr. Hugh Jones and Dr Crawfeild in 1951. Surrounded by seven villages: Kejukwu, Ukwamu, Okpayanga, Abayiule, Anape, Kigol and Keyi; whose dwellers have lived at the mountain for over 400 years.

Does Obudu Mountain Resort Attract Visitors?

The name Obudu Mountain Resort compels not only admiration, it also compels attraction. Obudu Mountain Resort is the most traveled tourist destination in Nigeria. It attracts both local and international visitors/tourists yearly; especially during the Christmas period or Obudu Ranch International Mountain Race (the world’s richest mountain race).
The Obudu Ranch International Mountain Race is an annual 11.25 km mountain running competition that takes place in late November.

When is the Best Time To Visit Obudu Mountain Resort?

In the first place, no specific time can be picked for a tourists or visitors to bask fully in the enjoyment of their trip. This is because Obudu Mountain Resort welcomes visitors all year round. But however, observation says that the best time to visit is between February and October; because during this period, the flowers blossom in fullness and the coolness of the air is glorious.

Equally, the Weather at Obudu Mountain Resort between February and October makes trekking over the high ground enjoyable. There is always a sense of fulfilment that comes from seeing the views that stretches out across the plateau.

How Do I Get Food At Obudu Mountain Resort?

The food and beverage offering at Obudu Mountain Resort is found in the Terrace restaurant and bar with a cozy and relaxing atmosphere made complete by the blazing log fire. National and international cuisine is guaranteed to suit all tastes and healthy appetites from Natures trek.

Terrace restaurant at Obudu Mountain Resort also offers a fully equipped gym, two floodlit tennis courts, a squash court and a natural swimming pool. Lovers of golf can show their prowess on the hotel’s 9-hole golf course.

How to Get Affordable Hotels (accommodation) at Obudu Mountain Resort?

In as much as every lover of life would love to have an experience of Obudu Mountain Resort, lack of finance will always create a rift between that desire and the experience.

In fact, hotels within Obudu Mountain Resort are quite expensive to an average income earner; as they range from N30,000 to N74,000 per night.

But, be that as it may, Nature always has a way of providing goodness to those in love with her. Affordable and comfortable accommodations (hotel) can be secured around the vicinities of Obudu Mountain Resort.

How can I get an affordable hotel around Obudu Mountain Resort?

Below is a list of names, addresses of affordable hotels around Obudu Mountain Resort and their prices:
Evergreen Hotel.123b Ranch Road, Obudu. N3,600 per night
Mountain Guest House. 34 Ranch Road, Obudu. N2,930 per night
Famvar Guest House. 251 Ranch Road, Obudu. N5,650 per night
Galilee Hotels. Ranch Road, Obudu. N5,000 per night
Vintage Hotel. 3 Vintage way Bekpam Layout, Obudu N7,500 per night
Valley Beracah Hotel. Obudu G.R.A off Ranch Road N5,000 per night
Top Choice Hotel. Km 2 Ogoja Road. N2,500 per night.

What are the sites to visit at Obudu Mountain Resort?

The tours to view the magnificent scenery and spectacular bird life are a must for visitors to this part of the world. And interestingly, these tours can be taken on foot or on bicycle.

Additionally, another interesting facility in Obudu Mountain Resort is the cable car system, which is about the longest in Africa. It serves as a major talking point for guests.

Also, interesting tourists go to a particular part of Obudu mountain to pray with a belief that the mountain is a sacred altar and prayers are answered speedily.

Thus, the mind-blowing views and graceful sceneries of Obudu Mountain Resort makes it a choice destination for lovers of life. And for the many who have enjoyed the privilege of experiencing a day or more at the resort, will agree with me that a trip to Obudu Mountain Resort is a trip of a lifetime! An experience that will never be erased from the consciousness of one's mind.

An experience the Soul carries alongside self, when the moment of crossing over presents itself.
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