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Dino Melaye Suffers Greatest Embarrassment Of His Life In London

Senator Dino Melaye of Kogi State, on Tuesday, suffered the greatest embarrassment of his life in London, as he was booed off the stage, while addressing Nigerians at the popular Notting Hill Carnival.

According to report making rounds, Dino who represents Kogi-West Senatorial District in the National Assembly, was continuously interrupted by sections of Nigerians in the crowd, while he was on stage giving a speech.

The Lawmaker continued speaking while the crowd kept calling him to leave the stage, with some even shouting “Ole (thief)” several times.
After hurrying up his speech, Senator Melaye exited the stage with another rendition of his signature ‘Ajekun Iya’ song and dance, targeted at “the enemies of Nigeria”.

While he was speaking, the Lawmaker had praised the country’s standing in the world, and promised that it will be greater soon.

He said: “I congratulate Nigerians, and I say there is no country like Nigeria. And for those of you who are here, you better come back home, because very soon, by the grace of God, we will be greater.”

Recall that recently while speaking at The Osasu Show Symposium, in Abuja, on Friday, the Lawmaker had remarked that the country’s political class had failed the country, and its youth population.

He urged the political elite in the country to take responsibility for the poverty and hunger that have largely affected a majority of the country’s population.

He said, "Apart from militocracy, politics is responsible for poverty and hunger in Nigeria. Unfortunately, we the leaders, myself inclusive, have failed this nation and have failed the younger generation - myself inclusive.

"The reason why we are where we are today is because there is a disconnect between leadership and followership.

"As I speak to you, the problem why we are where we are is because of trust. There is no trust between the governed and those governing.

"Once there is no trust between the followership and the leadership, it will definitely have a negative concomitant effect on the economy, and every other facet of our national life.

"Hunger and poverty have no political party, hunger and poverty have no religion. To have brought people to discuss on the line of APC or PDP is not correct, because the poor PDP man and the poor APC man all go to the same market.

"What we should fix is democracy; democracy is government of the people, by the people and for the people. What we have is greediocracy; government of the greedy by the greedy, for the greedy.

"We the leaders want to win elections at all cost, so we spend money to win elections. The followership also is greedy, they accept money to vote. So, head or tail, there is a need for attitudinal change and this is affecting everything."

Senator Melaye urged political leaders to find a way to put a stop to the country's decay as it is already starting to affect law and order being disrupted by desperate people.

He said, "If we don't take care of the poor, a time will come when the poor will take care of themselves, and how are they going to take care of themselves? It is already happening.

There was no kidnapping before, today, kidnapping, from my own poor, myopic definition is redistribution of ill-gotten wealth.

"There is a need for amelioration, and that amelioration is that we must build public trust, public trust will end hunger, public trust will create jobs, and this agitation today for Biafra is as a result of hunger and unemployment, take care of that, there will be no agitation."

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