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For the past few weeks in my neighborhood, it seems like an overflow of pregnant women. Every where I turned, boom! there's one, before I leave a street I'll see at least three women with bulging tummies. They all had one thing in common though: TIGHT CLOTHES.

There's a difference between TIGHT and FITTED ladies, find it!

So, I thought I'd share this with you, dear pregnant woman:

1.Tight clothes won’t hurt your baby, they might make you uncomfortable but the choice is yours. You can wear skinny (maternity) jeans, slinky dresses and tight tops to show your baby bump as this is the trend now (why hide your tummy in over sized maternity clothes?) but you can be comfortable and trendy at the same time. the choice is yours.

2. Please, go maternity shopping! nowadays some women think its Old-school to do this but trust me lady, yes, your bump is cute, but that polo top now looks like a crop top, drop it! for now ;)
Not cool enough to be on the streets.....
........but we'll take this ;)

Old-what??/ all i see is BEAUTY!! Nothing like an empire style dress on a
pregnant woman.

3. Like I said before, get yourself some maternity jeans if you know you can't do without jeans. You won't be able to wear them again in 9 months time by the way ;) so you might want to consider another option I recently stumbled upon: BELLY BANDS!! 

BELLY BANDS is/are not a maternity belt(s). Ladies, shhhh!! don't tell anyone ;) this is a money saver, you don't have to go jean shopping, you can wear your existing jeans or pants with their zips and buttons down and wear the band to hold it up. simple!

It covers the zipper and button hole like a long top and holds your jean as firm as a belt so you don't sag when you bend.

You can fold the band in half in your first and maybe some parts of the second trimester and extend them as your belly grows ;)
See the belly band? Be a stylish pregnant woman!

4. Just because you can skip the jean shopping doesn't mean you can skip under wear shopping. No, no, nooooo! Being pregnant doesn't give you an excuse to have sagging breasts. Maternity bras should have enough room to let your breasts grow because they will.... Even more when you start breastfeeding.

Your regular bras won't hold your breasts well enough and could lead to sagging, some women also go for a bigger size of bra than they'll normally wear but why not try a maternity bra? let them do what they were made for.

Beautiful and functional, for maternity and breastfeeding, firm straps and sturdy back that fits almost any outfit. What more could a lady want? 

This style is easily found in any shop where under wears are sold. Pretty and functional too.
The band makes it firm. Always look out for a solid band in a maternity bra.

Stretchy band that will cradle the belly.

Just what you and baby needs. Comfort.

5. Speaking of trends, we can't leave out the MATERNITY SHOOT and BABY SHOWERS.  Pick out a theme you're comfortable with (everyone's doing nudes doesn't mean you should) and a good photographer to do the job. 

Simply beautiful.

Beautiful, but not for everyone.
Don't just wait for your friends to throw you one if you really want a shower, you can plan one with your family, its still as much fun and there are no laid down rules! Each shower is as unique as the mother.

An evening of fun with friends and loved ones is good for the nerves.

Even better with pregnant friends :)

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