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Ikorodu Residents Narrates How The Deadly Baddo Gang Started

The dreaded Badoo Cult gang has caused a lot of havoc, sending whole families to their untimely graves is a fact that keeps staring residents of the area in the face, especially as security agents have found it difficult to nip the menace in the bud.

The gang, according to security reports, not only rape their female victims, but kill them in the most dreadful way by using stones and pestles to batter the victims head and make away with the brain and blood.

In some instances, they are also said to slice open pregnant women and take out the foetus of the unborn baby.

A resident of the Ikorodu community, Rasheed Adedeji Fatuga, has traced the origin of the dreaded gang which he said started like child's play in July 2016 and laments the fact that a year after, the gang members and their activities are yet to be curtailed.

Fatuga who posted the throwback history of the gang on the Ikorodu Ambassadors Facebook page narrated how the evil started and called on the security operatives to step up their game and restore sanity to the area.

"#Throwback to July 16, 2016, when the notorious Badoo Gang first started their nefarious activities in Ibeshe, Ikorodu.

Today's date is June 26, 2017, and their deadly actions still go on. Shame, Shame, Shame, on all concerned and constituted authorities in Ikorodu for not neutralizing this evil act up till now!

And to the beautiful people of Ikorodu, keep praying and keep watching. Be security conscious! Do not lose your guard!

#Badoo is Real. They are a Network. Alfas, Pastors might be among, even females will be among them.
Do not trust anyone; watch who you talk to and watch what you say outside!
#ProudlyIkoroduAmbassadors #SayNoToAllFormsOfViolence #Peace.

The questions Ikorodu residents want answers to are: Who is Badoo in Ikorodu? When will Badoo killings in Ikorodu end? If after a year of the activities of these ritualists or cultists in Ikorodu, and the Lagos Police still has no answers, then we are done for.

No one knows who the people behind Ikorodu killings are and where they are from! Badoo in Ikorodu 2017 makes the biggest Ikorodu breaking news.

Ikorodu crisis today, Badoo caught in Ikorodu tomorrow. The Lagos Police has to do something fast about these cultists.

Who is Badoo?

They are a bunch of faceless terror group committing outrageous crimes in Ikorodu. What they do is to visit families living in a building that isn’t fully completed or guarded by a fence.

They then use bricks and grinding mortar to hit their victims on the head, wipe their blood with a cloth and leave the scene like that.

This issue is now a big thing in Ikorodu that one cannot joke about being a ‘Badoo’. Arararo, Adamo in Ikorodu, had one of these experiences when someone falsely raised an alarm that some four people were Badoo members.

The residents pounced on the four guys immediately and they were beaten to death. It later turned out that the four guys were only land speculators.

Many other members of Badoo have been killed in Ikorodu, and one was recently apprehended with a pestle in his hand in Ibeshe, Igbogbo. Another was beaten and burnt to death in Aga, Ikorodu.

The latest attacks of these terrorists occurred in Ogijo. First, a pastor was hit, but he survived and receiving treatment in the hospital. At another time, a couple was killed. A few weeks ago, it was in Itamaga, a family of five, including a pregnant woman, completely annihilated.

The residents are appealing to the Lagos State Police to please do something swiftly. It is over a year, and yet, nothing concrete has been put in place for the activities of Badoo to end."

The big question on the lips of residents of Ikorodu and other Lagosians is this: when will the police clamp down on these deadly gang?
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