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Four Ways To Save Your Job From Economic Down-turn

Whenever an economy faces a downturn, one of the very first options available to a business organisation is to cut minimize the cost of operation. One victim major of the popular strategy is the employee, whose salary is cut or totally released from the organization.

So, when the management of an organization announces restructuring process most of its employees go home with depression resulting from the fear of losing their jobs.

Just the process is a basic law of nature in business, protecting yourself against the eventuality is the main aim of this article.

Be resourceful

One thing you must do is to become an indispensable input in the business operations of your company.

You must ensure you get things done as they come to your path, no organisation will like to lose a good hand.

Therefore demonstrate your resourcefulness while the economy and business are doing fine, as this would save you during the company’s hard time. This is because versatility and resourcefulness become major considerations for keeping any employee during the time of job cuts.

The company’s assessment of you should only be this, “if he/she exits our company now, we have to lose than gain.”

Earn the confidence of your Boss

After asserting yourself as an indispensable element in your organisation, the next thing is work towards earning the confidence of your boss or reporting superior.

This does not necessarily mean being mediocre, but meritoriously earning his/her admiration from being a diligent employee.

The rule here is simple, “work very hard, and achieve compelling results.”

Have a unique trademark 

Creating a unique personal brand is one thing most workers don’t consider important while working for an organisation.

Your organisation’s brand should not be mistaken for your personal trademark, though it can infuse.
Be known for a level of quality and standard. It would distinguish your work from others. As a result, you will be able to sustain the attributes listed above.

I could remember a day I hastily developed a piece during a research engagement in my first official job out of university, my former boss had to point out that “go and rewrite this piece, it is below what I expected from you.”

As a result, I have always maintained a standard for all my work.

Understand your company's shadow organization 

Though, shadow cabinet is a concept common in the British Parliamentary System of Government. This idea is also replicate in most organisation.

The shadow organisation are those unknown forces that have as much power as the visible management team. Therefore, you should note that office politics is important but not the main thing.

My previous job was one with many internal politics, though I stood a ground against some of their antics adopting above three strategies sometimes I will willingly adjust to suit this forces with compromising my standard.

This last one is very important, but don’t allow it to affect your job quality. It is this last and most important as you never know who has the most influence on the management of your organisation.
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