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RULES OF LOVE: #1 - Be yourself.

In this rule, the writer comes all out to say that being one's self is the best and absolutely way on attracting the right person for you. Also, changing your basic personalty wont work and you end up tying yourself in knots trying to do it convincingly.

Our Point of View (The Dialogue)

Rhoda Morakinyo: I think its not easy to be yourself, especially when you're trying to impress or win somebody over. The beginning of a relationship is when people try to create an image (sophisticated, quiet, playful, charming, romantic, funny, etc.) that they think will get and keep the attention of the person they are attracted to. It is easy to fall into the fake pattern of a ' perfect' personalty because of the fear of losing this new love.

BabsHilton: (Smiles) I totally agree with the writer on this. Rhoda says 'she thinks' its not easy to be yourself. Jheeez! Being one's self is the easiest thing anyone can do. A four year old is him/herself, they run about with their pants all over the street, plays about and gets all dirty because they are themselves. Not until when we are sincere with ourselves will things begin to work right and well for us. As adults we should know rights from wrongs. Someone who pretends to be who they are not in the name of attracting 'MR/MRS RIGHT' is obviously going to get heartbroken in the end when the cat is out of the bag.

Rhoda Morakinyo: What if the cat doesn't come out of the bag? What if the other person doesn't find out. We are good at covering what we don't want the other person to see or know especially in this part of the world. we are comfortable with getting them to stay (in the relationship) if possible get married, without them seeing or knowing our real selves, because we feel its too ugly for them to accept. Sometimes, its not just a feeling, it has been confirmed that this person detests some things we currently do or have done in the past. Therefore its 'safer' to keep mute about them. For example, on a first date, a man tells a woman that he cant be with a woman who has been promiscuous or has had an abortion or two. the woman who has had an abortion decides to keep mute about the fact that she has had an abortion.

BabsHilton: First things first. Lies get you no where. A lie can run round the world while the truth is still buckling its spikes, but when it takes off, it catches up with the lie in no time. What I'm pointing out is this - lying, concealing truths or pretending to be who you are not to someone who obviously loves you in return is a time bomb waiting to explode. I'll make use of Rhoda's example. Who says that's the only man in the world that is perfect for the woman? What if it was just a plot by the guy to see how genuine and honest she is? Her being mute only postpones the day of reckoning. I believe every secret should be let out before marriage, hiding it only creates chaos for the future.

You might as well get it all out in the open now.

Watch the video on youtube: https://youtu.be/SFLIERCoPKY for the full dialogue

 Watch video for full dialogue

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