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STYLE CLASS 1: Extreme Fashion

So Sorry about the long break in transmission but fashion class is back on!

Its a new year and we hear a lot of new year, new me resolutions (that usually don't last more than the first two weeks lol!) but really ladies, one of the resolutions to keep is to dress better, more classy and (or) stylish. That said, lets take a look at a few DONT'S of fashion:

There's a very thin line between being daring vs disgusting, being classy vs trashy and between being sexy vs slutty. So lets correct these excesses in fashion shall we?

1. If you are going to be slutty, don't take it to the red carpet, school, lecture room, work, government office/official meetings, church or even nigerian streets or markets. We still value modesty (to some extent) in this country so stay away from the aforementioned places if you choose to dress like this. Shall we give this a name ladies? SLUTTY ? Yes, please. So un-ladylike.

2. If you are going to wear a low cut dress (to secluded gathering or party of course) then do yourself a favour and wear a bra. If you want to form 'Kim Kardashian' and go bra less, you might end up looking TRASHY because not every lady's boobs 'defiles gravity' so please wear a backless/plunge bra see here or learn Kim's secret. 

3. This could have been CLASSY. Too much of everything they say is bad. Low cut tube dress, cut out at sides, too many ruffles, TOO MANY EXCESSES. Pick your battles well, but pick your weapons very well. Showing too much 'skin' is an eyesore, its SLUTTY and TRASHY. There's a fashion rule that says; if you show off the legs,keep chest and arms covered and vice versa.

4. Almost SLUTTY. Almost CLASSY. Not to be worn to official places without a tube (underwear) or jacket, cool for partying, not excessive, not too much skin. In fact i'll almost give it a 9/10, but I can't if we're being 'Naija modest', world class stylish maybe.

5. Best seen at Oyibo fashion runways/redcarpets than in Naija. SLUTTY, TRASHY, OVER-DARING!

6. Obviously not the bride, she better not be a wedding guest! Chai! Are you trying to steal the bride's shine or her groom? Wearing white to a wedding (unless specified by the bride) is actually a no-no by the way.Not extreme but DARING. Could have been CLASSY though ;) .

7. Wedding dress or lingerie? Please! this better be a joke. A SLUTTY and TRASHY joke. Sadly, its not. Modesty or being classy is lost to some brides these days and some bride will actually wear this for her wedding or this;

  Poor guy.

8. Rihanna can rock it, doesn't mean you can (sorry if you've been told otherwise). She has small (almost flat boobs), she's a rock star, she goes naked whenever she feels like, and its ok with Americans (at least most of them) she doesn't need to go to the office,classroom,church,government office, e.t.c. so before you 'copy' her style, remember these.

9. Must go braless? Make sure the top of the dress is firm, fully covered, or free flowing.

10. So CLASSY, I have no words. Just a hint of 'skin' ladies, keep 'em guessing. When there's nothing to guess about a lady she looses enchantment (God forbid) and of course, the title of a CLASSY LADY.

              If you must wear it, then there is a bra for it.

                                           Lowcut bra.

Stay tuned to latenightgist.com for more. Bye for now. (No, not going sailing. lol).

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